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 Continental 727-2 SXM LoudAdded: July 20, 2009 

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» Continental Airlines (more..)
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» St. Maarten-Princess Juliana Int'l - TNCM (more..)
» Netherlands Antilles (more..)
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» N27783 (more..) / 20638 (more..)
» September, 1997
» Karl Jacobson (more..)
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  User Comments on this Video (5)

Posted by Jesús on July 20, 2009

Pretty and excellent plane the B727-200 ...Mexicana Airlines had a lot of them in its fleet .... even B727-100 ...they were beautiful and very efficient.

Posted by Filipires on July 20, 2009


Posted by Steve on November 11, 2009

Believe it or not. When the 727 first came on-line back in the late 60s. It was an Era when the French announced the initial construction of the Concorde. The United States responded by announcing the development of the American SST. The American Airlines could'nt figure a way to make Super-Sonic-Transport financially feasable.(Which ultimately killed the American SST program) The American Aircraft industry became terrified that they may end up taking a back seat to French Aerospacial. So, the American aircraft industry lobbied the American Gov't. to forbid or at least limit the use of Commercial Super-Sonic aircraft within the Continental U.S. using Noise-Pollution as an excuse. And convincing large segments of the American Public that they were going to subjected to a constant Barrage of Sonic-Booms,(Blowing the windows out of their homes) Especially within 20 miles of an airport. Frightened Homeowners within the U.S. began hounding Congress to forbid the Concorde from utilizing airports within the U.S. The end result was to limit the Concorde to the Airport (JFK) in New-York City and (DFW) Dallas-Fort Worth Texas.(At the time, DFW was out in the middle of no-where) Problem though was that the then brand new B-727 was one LOUD airplane. Boeing was terrified that the same public that effectively shut-down use of the Concorde within the U.S. might do the same to Boeings brand new 727 when they heard just how loud it was. The American airline Companies also wanted the 727 and had already spent millions to buy them. Boeing and the Airlines got together and basically waged psychological warfare upon the un-suspecting American public by renaming and advertising thier Brand new 727s as the "Whisperjet". The American public bought it Hook, Line, and Sinker. Anyway, I am always ammused by just how LOUD the now old and mostly retired "Whisperjet" really is...and was. It will be long recognized as the work-horse of the Airline Industry.

Posted by michaelcsm on May 8, 2010

The B727 was one, very amazing aircraft in it's day.. By today's standards it was thirsty, loud, non-eco-friendly and expensive to run economically.. but it was fast that's for sure.

Posted by Jeff L on July 10, 2010

Still the most beautiful jet airliner by far.

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